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How to improve mobile coverage on iOS and Android

Mobile phone operators in Spain have a coverage almost complete, although some of them may reach certain areas better than others. Then there are the subjective criteria of each person, the experiences with customer service, which tend to mark a lot, and other things that help form our criteria about them. But on a technical level, is there something we can do to have better coverage and extend the signal?

Those who know about this say yes. We leave you some tricks to improve the coverage of your mobile or smartphone, whether it is iOS or Android. Eliminate dropped calls, late messages, and missed notifications along the way. And best of all, the tricks to improve mobile coverage that we are going to teach you are for free.

How to improve coverage on an Android mobile

Have better signal coverage and internet of your mobile without having to download any application or change phone is possible. Android mobiles leave the factory with default settings that we can modify in cases of poor coverage. The process is very simple!

1. PFirst you will have to go to settings.

2. Pulse in mobile network connections.

3. Select the network mode.

4. Select the operating company you currently use manually.

5. You simply have to click on the 3G / 4G connection and you will automatically see how the coverage symbol will expand its number of bars, indicating that it already has the maximum coverage.

6. This mode will surely slow you down a bit, but don’t worry, since it will only affect messaging with WhatsApp, Facebook etc. It will help you, even if the applications slow down a bit. The good part is that you will gain in connectivity and it is very useful in places where there is very little signal. Once you no longer need it, by changing the network mode to the factory preset, the mobile will return to its usual speed.

If you see that this option has not worked for you and you still do not have good coverage on your phone, go back to network settings and select the option “reset network settings” Once you have done this, keep in mind that all network settings will be reset apart from mobile networks, also Wi-Fi and Bluetooth.

Before doing this you must take into account something very important, and that is that All passwords for Wi-Fi networks or Bluetooth connections to which you have been connecting will be erased. But it must be said that this option is optimal, because this is how the system will take care of correcting possible errors that have been taking place in the network and its coverage.

The other simpler option is to activate the mobile in airplane mode for a few minutes and then deactivate it. This will make the device itself look for another antenna that is closer and has better coverage.

Expand coverage with 2 Sim cards on Android

If your device has a double chip or two SIM cards, simply select the sim card from which you want to improve the coverage and internet signal and repeat the same process that we have explained to you.

If you compare the first card you just changed connectivity to with the second SIM on your device, you will see that the second card has less coverage. Once you select the second card and repeat the same steps, all the lines will be completed as you have been able to verify with the first SIM.

How to improve iPhone coverage

The process is also very simple if your mobile is an iPhone. We explain several alternatives and, in case there is a very silly mistake, you will see that the remedy is even more silly. You know, to modern problems, more modern solutions.

1. Non-original cover. If there is something very obvious and that surely has not occurred to you, it is that, if you put a false cover or a strange material on your iPhone, this could interfere with the signal and even lose it altogether. The same mobile phone will notify you by means of a message on the top left where it will appear: “no service”. There are cases that can be made of materials that obstruct the connection antennas of the iPhone, so it will not reach the connection you need or the network you want to reach. If your mobile has poor coverage, try removing the cover and if it suddenly starts to work well for you, then the first error solved would be that of the cover.

2. Software Update. Another very common thing is that the iPhone has problems with the latest update of its software. You can solve this by going to Settings> General> Software update. If you have a pending update, then install it by following the steps that your device will offer you. If you want your iPhone to perform automatic updates, just click on “Automatic updates” and activate the option “Download iOS updates”. Turn on “Install iOS Updates.”

The device will automatically update to the latest version of iOS. Is important keep the iPhone updated to the latest version, as it is very likely that the mobile operator has also updated its version.

3. Airplane mode. Another alternative is to activate airplane mode and after a few minutes disconnect it and wait for the signal to automatically reconnect. This is something that can work, but like everything, many people will do well and others will not.

4. Mobile data settings. In case you are abroad, go to the mobile data settings to make sure they are activated and data roaming as well, in case you did not have it activated. Once this is done, restart the device and you should already have an internet connection. Even if you are not abroad, this is also important to verify.

5. Reset network settings or settings.

To do this, what you have to do first is go to the iPhone settings> Go to general. In the “reset” option, look for the option to reset the network settings. Here you must be careful because once you restore the network you have to be aware of giving the option “yes” that will appear repeatedly. Once you have done all this, all the networks that you had before on your device will disappear by default. That is, the passwords of the Wi-Fi networks that your iPhone already knew and also the mobile data networks will be erased. Therefore, it will reconnect from scratch with your mobile data network again.

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