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Burning of puppets, fireworks and wishes for better days marked the first minutes of 2022 in Ecuador

Families maintained tradition, despite restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

The family dinners and the cabals that some citizens follow marked the first minutes of the new year in some places in Ecuador.

And despite sanitary restrictions such as the prohibition of the massive burning of puppets, to avoid more infections of COVID-19, households and groups of friends took time and made space to incinerate the traditional old year, a doll made of paper or sawdust. which serves to reflect the ‘burning’ of everything bad that happened or left in 2021.

In cities like Guayaquil, where the burning of the puppet is traditional, neighbors and families took to the streets to say goodbye to 2021.

In the first minutes of 2022, the sound of the camaretas and the like that they put on the puppets was heard in a few blocks in a row, such as in the south and southeast streets of Guayaquil.

Some families chose to independently burn their dolls. And others, as well as groups of friends, piled up the puppets on sidewalks, flower beds or streets and made a single burning.

There was also the flash of fireworks that welcomed 2022.

In Quito there were also fireworks, which lit up the sky.

Families and friends also put into practice cabals such as eating the twelve grapes in the first seconds or minutes of 2022; go out with the suitcase to go around the block of the house; wear yellow or red clothing to attract prosperity and love; pour lentils or spray champagne, among others. (I)

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