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Festive illumination of buildings and bridges turned on in Moscow

The day before, a festive architectural and artistic illumination of buildings and bridges was launched in the capital.

In the holiday mode, the backlight will work all New Year’s holidays. Moscow Mayor Sergei Sobyanin told about this on his social networks.

And on the coming night, the schedule of architectural and artistic lighting will last until the morning of January 1.

“The architectural and artistic illumination is switched on simultaneously with the outdoor lighting, but switched off at different times. At 23.00, residential buildings cease to be illuminated, at midnight – administrative buildings, at one in the morning – the lobbies of metro stations and at three in the morning – bridges in the central part of the city. But on New Year’s Eve we will make an exception and extend the work of the festive lighting until the morning, ”said Deputy Mayor of Moscow Pyotr Biryukov.

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During the holiday mode, additional lighting devices are turned on, which are turned off on normal days. On some of the objects – colored facade lighting and dynamic architectural lighting.

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Source: Rosbalt

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