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The Russians were told how to properly organize a feast on the New Year

Nutritionists advise, when planning a New Year’s table, to replace the traditional “Olivier” with a light salad with turkey and avocado, or to regard salads with mayonnaise not as appetizers, but as main courses.

Nutritionists interviewed by RIA Novosti agree that a traditional, dense New Year’s table with an abundance of complex salads with mayonnaise and fatty dishes can seriously harm health, cause discomfort and heaviness in the stomach, so overeating should be avoided. As, in particular, nutritionist Margarita Koroleva warned, overeating can even negatively affect immunity.

“Health now, on the contrary, needs to be maintained, immunity should be high, and an excess of food, as well as a lack of it, can lead to problems. So you need to think over everything in advance, write down right now what dishes will be on the table. It is important to think positively and enjoy the already forming atmosphere of the holiday, this will distract us from pressing problems, reduce the level of stress, and thereby support our own immunity, ”she said.

In turn, the specialist in the treatment of overweight and obesity, Maira Rau, considers it important not to experience a strong feeling of hunger at the time of the feast, and for this you should not skip meals during the day, and it is better to have a festive dinner at a more usual time.

“It seems that late New Year’s feasts have long since become a thing of the past. However, the plentiful tables are for many a part of the New Year’s celebration. In such cases, I recommend setting the table and having a festive dinner at your usual dinner time. Then, if the feast continues, leave light snacks on the table in the form of fruits, light vegetable salads or simply chopped fresh vegetables and portioned desserts, if without them the holiday is not a holiday, ”advises Rau.

At the same time, the nutritionist Koroleva believes, you need to organize a festive dinner for yourself on January 1. “It is imperative to make a New Year’s lunch the next day, January 1, where there may be a dessert, for example, a large chocolate cake, and it is better to make the night laconic. On the eve of the night feast, there must be a plump dinner, so that the hand does not treacherously reach out and everyone at 11 o’clock in the evening does not rush to the festive table and pounce on the food. There is no need to prepare the voids in the stomach in order to put everything there with the chimes, ”the expert noted.

Source: Rosbalt

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