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Therapist: It is not necessary to exchange gifts for the New Year

If buying gifts for the New Year is a burden, you should not do it, says Nadezhda Panova, a psychiatrist and psychotherapist.

She noticed that buying gifts on the eve of the New Year turns into a rush buying, which does not bring joy, but only exhausting. “The abundance of people, the hustle and bustle, a feeling of lack of time and limited funds – such stress factors do not benefit mental health,” Panova said in a comment for RIAMO.

According to her, even more unpleasant sensations arise when you have to spend money on things that are needed to “give it away.”

“If you experience serious discomfort when choosing a ‘obligatory’ gift, grab any thing to just hand it over to the addressee and forget this duty like a bad dream, it is quite natural to think about whether it is worth doing this at all,” the psychotherapist noted.

“Allow yourself not to do the things that repulse you. You have every right to do so. Understanding close people will never reproach you for this. Moreover, gifts are not the only way to show your attention and care, ”said Panova.

According to the specialist, a pleasant walk, an evening with a movie or board games will bring no less joy than an exchange of gifts.

“Or another situation – for example, you and your loved ones have a global goal that requires significant investments and towards which you go together. For example, you save up for an apartment or a trip abroad. To splurge on New Year’s gifts just because it is so customary will mean that you live according to someone else’s attitudes and are distracted from your true goal, ”the psychotherapist concluded.

Earlier it became known that Russians consider the most unnecessary New Year gifts to be souvenirs and figurines, sweets, as well as kitchen utensils and socks.

Source: Rosbalt

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