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Dozens of flights delayed or canceled at Moscow airports

Dozens (more than 90) flights have been canceled or delayed today at Moscow airports on the eve of the New Year, TASS reports, citing data from the online scoreboard of the capital’s airports.

At the same time, most of the cancellations were recorded on the scoreboard in Sheremetyevo – there will be six flights with a delay, passengers of 49 flights will have to look for other routes.

Moreover, “” informs about the delay and cancellation of 209 flights at the moment.

In the meantime, logistics companies have warned that the delivery time for New Year’s parcels will be increased due to a collapse in the cargo terminals of Russian airports. The biggest problems are said to have arisen at Sheremetyevo, Tolmachevo and Elizovo. However, the airports deny this, points out RBC.

According to the agency, companies involved in cargo handling at Russian airports responded to reports from transport companies that the delivery time for parcels to remote regions by air mail has increased.

In particular, Sheremetyevo International Airport stated that the Moscow Cargo terminal (one of the two at the airport) is operating normally, there are enough production capacities for the timely processing of all incoming cargo, and there are no delays in cargo handling by the company …

Source: Rosbalt

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