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Died theater and film director Vladimir Gorikker

Theater and film director Vladimir Gorikker died at the age of 96. His son Vladimir Smelkov announced this on Facebook.

“My dear daddy, Gorikker Vladimir Mikhailovich, died today. Dad was a source of tremendous warm energy for everyone. There wasn’t a week that I didn’t get a call from one of the venerable or young filmmakers who dream of working with him (at the age of 96!), Doctors eager not only to treat him, but just to listen to his stories, friends, acquaintances, close and very distant people who cared about him. There was not a day when someone did not say how he adores Vladimir Mikhailovich. This feeling has always been mutual. Dad truly loved people and his profession, ”writes Vladimir.

He said that he did not remember a time when his father raised his voice at him or snapped. “We were one. Dad has always been my dad and mom. He knew how to turn everything into a fun game or quest, even if it was about his health. It pains me very much that now he will no longer be able to personally share with me and with you a piece of his warmth, but I believe that you will be able to see it in his films. I love my dad very much, ”wrote the son of Vladimir Gorikker.

In theaters in Odessa and Kiev, he directed the production of the operas “Sadko”, “Ruslan and Lyudmila”, “Bogdan Khmelnitsky”, “Rigoletto”. Gorikker worked for about 25 years on the staff of the Gorky Film Studio. Took part in the creation of the films Boris Godunov and Juliet and Romeo.

Source: Rosbalt

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