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Gastroenterologist Machneva advises giving up sweets at the New Year’s table

On New Year’s Eve, it is better to stop eating desserts.

As the gastroenterologist Yulia Machneva told RIA Novosti, it is best to arrange tea drinking as a separate meal on January 1st. “Because desserts are the most difficult mixture of fats and carbohydrates for digestion,” the specialist explained.

If desserts are still at the New Year’s table, then, according to the doctor, it is better to use those prepared by yourself. Machneva explained that commercial cakes usually contain trans fats, palm oils, emulsifiers and preservatives that are not good for the body.

If Mom or Grandma insists that their cake be tasted, you can put yourself the smallest bite and eat it with fiber (for example, lettuce or herbs). “Then glucose will be absorbed more slowly, and this will give your stomach the necessary time for proper digestion,” said Machneva.

The gastroenterologist also recommends going for a walk after the meal, “so that the dessert was spent on energy.”

Source: Rosbalt

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