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The Ministry of Emergency Situations told how to choose safe pyrotechnics

When buying firecrackers and fireworks for the New Year, you should check that the pyrotechnics are certified, they recommend in the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia. “The packaging must be intact, dry, with a specified and clearly readable expiration date, date of manufacture and instructions for use,” the department notes.

The pyrotechnics should be installed on a flat horizontal surface, and when starting up, move away to a safe distance.

“According to statistics, in the first ten days of January of this year, 33 fires occurred, three people were injured due to violation of the rules for handling pyrotechnic products. Last year there were more than 40 fires, six injured. For previous years, the indicators are similar, “- said the Ministry of Emergencies of Russia.

The department also recalled that the law provides for liability for a fire and damage caused by the use of pyrotechnics. “When causing minor harm to human health, or minor damage to property, the offense will be considered within the framework of administrative legislation with the imposition of a fine for individuals in the amount of 4-5 thousand rubles. In case of serious harm to health, death of a person, or in case of damage from a fire of 250 thousand rubles or more, the perpetrator will be sanctioned by the Criminal Code of the Russian Federation up to imprisonment, ”the Ministry of Emergency Situations emphasized.

Source: Rosbalt

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