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Sobyanin: 80% of those hospitalized in Moscow with covid self-medicate

In Moscow, 80% of people who fell ill with covid and were admitted to hospitals had self-medicated before. This was announced by the mayor of Moscow Sergei Sobyanin on the air of the TV channel “Russia 24”.

The mayor noted that the task of the authorities is to treat patients with coronavirus outpatiently, to do everything not to bring the sick person to a serious condition and hospitalization.

“And, as a rule, people here are not those whom we identified and led at an early stage, but those who self-medicated or simply did not go to the doctor. These are 80 percent of them, ”said Sobyanin, adding that the reserve of beds for patients with coronavirus cannot be reduced due to the large population of the city. “For the entire time of the fight against covid, the volume of reserve beds or free beds in the system did not allow a decrease of less than 20%,” the mayor said.

Earlier, he stated that Moscow enterprises have met the requirements of Rospotrenadzor to vaccinate 80% of employees.

Recall that over the past day in Moscow, 2,630 new cases of coronavirus infection were detected, 704 people were hospitalized.

Source: Rosbalt