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They find a body with gunshot wounds in the Guayas river

The body is presumed to be that of a man who was shot by gunmen in Daule on Sunday.

A body that was dragged by the current of the Guayas River was discovered this Monday morning by sailors who were guarding the north of Guayaquil. The body, which supposedly has gunshot wounds, was taken to the Marine Infantry dock, located in front of the Guayaquil Terrestrial Terminal.

The Police arrived at the sector to lift the body. It is presumed that the remains correspond to Andy Julián Numerable Castro, who was shot on Sunday in Daule and would have fallen into the river after the attack by two hitmen on a motorcycle.

“He fell into the river and disappeared from the surface, so his body is being tracked,” said the inhabitants of Daule.

After executing Numerable, the two suspects were followed by the police until they were captured. They are a Venezuelan and an Ecuadorian, who were placed under the orders of the Prosecutor’s Office. This Monday the flagrante delicto hearing is held against the suspects.

A firearm was found among their belongings, which was entered into the Judicial Police under chain of custody.

Meanwhile, the body recovered in the river was taken to the morgue for an autopsy and to confirm that it is the man shot in Daule. (I)

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