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Borrell allocated only three months to the conflict in Ukraine

Borrell allocated only three months to the conflict in Ukraine

The situation on the battlefield in Ukraine “will be resolved within three months.” This was stated by the head of European diplomacy, Josep Borrell, speaking at the Munich Security Conference, TACC reports.

“In three months the situation will be resolved on the battlefield. We can no longer say, ‘let’s wait for the European elections,’ or ‘we want to know more details,'” Borrell said. He did not specify the reasons for choosing such a time frame.

According to him, we need to become faster and more decisive. “We live in a war situation,” the official noted and called for more assistance to Kyiv.

Borrell also admitted that in the EU “there are no problems with the capacity to produce shells.” “What we lack is funding,” added the head of European diplomacy, emphasizing that the fighting in Ukraine could have developed differently if the EU had made decisions more quickly on the supply of new types of weapons.

Earlier, Borrell noted that the European Union cannot transfer more shells to Kyiv than it is capable of producing. The EU does not have a “magic wand,” he said, answering that the EU has already depleted its reserves.

Last year, Brussels promised to supply Kyiv with 1 million ammunition within one year, but the fulfillment of the promise was in jeopardy.

The day before, it was reported that the Ukrainian Armed Forces were starved of shells. According to Bloomberg, the shortage of ammunition and air defense missiles began due to delays in funding from the United States.

Source: Rosbalt