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“The hand will not shake”: Medvedev threatened the West with “global war”

“The hand will not shake”: Medvedev threatened the West with “global war”

Deputy Head of the Russian Security Council Dmitry Medvedev has once again entered the news agenda. He published a post on Telegram in which he commented on recent statements by Western politicians, the essence of which boils down to the fact that “the world cannot afford a Russian victory” in the conflict in Ukraine.

According to Medvedev, the scenario of the Russian Federation losing and disappearing is hardly imaginable. The Russians themselves will not agree with this. “In the West they really believe that the people of Russia will swallow the division of their country and would prefer to live in a collapsing, dying country, since a nuclear war is much worse than the death of loved ones, children, Russia…”? And what does the state leadership have in this case, will the hand tremble to make the most difficult decisions?” asked the deputy head of the Security Council and answered it himself.

In his opinion, the hypothetical “collapse of Russia will have much more dire consequences than the results of an ordinary, even the most protracted war.” “For attempts to return Russia to the borders of 1991 will lead to a global war with Western countries using the entire strategic arsenal of our state. For Kyiv, Berlin, London, Washington,” Medvedev emphasized.

“So it’s better to return everything before it’s too late. Or we will return it ourselves with maximum losses for the enemy. Like Avdeevka,” summed up the ex-president of the Russian Federation.

Let us recall that earlier the head of the British Ministry of Defense, Grant Shapps, stated that the world should increase the assistance provided to Kyiv, because it cannot afford a Russian victory in the conflict with Ukraine.

Source: Rosbalt