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St. Petersburg updated its daily precipitation record

St. Petersburg updated its daily precipitation record

A daily record for the amount of precipitation has been set in St. Petersburg. This was reported by the leading expert of the Phobos weather center, Mikhail Leus.

According to him, the weather in the Northern capital on February 17 has never been so wet in the entire history of meteorological observations. Over the past night, the city on the Neva received 19 mm of rain, or almost two-thirds of the February norm.

The meteorologist noted that the Hydrometeorological Center and St. Petersburg specialists provide different data about the previous record. According to the Hydrometeorological Center, the previous record for precipitation was set in 1911 and amounted to 11 mm. Meanwhile, local forecasters claim that the previous record belongs to 2020 (15 mm). Leus agreed with the latter statement.

In turn, the chief weather forecaster of St. Petersburg, Alexander Kolesov, reported in his Telegram channel that 19 mm of precipitation had already fallen in St. Petersburg overnight. “So the record of February 17, 2020 with 15 mm of precipitation has already been exceeded,” he wrote.

He also warned St. Petersburg residents about icy conditions in the late afternoon due to a cold front that will reach the city. “The air temperature will go back through zero, and on already slippery roads everything will freeze again,” Kolesov said.

Source: Rosbalt