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Mariinsky soloist David Zaleev, who lay in a coma for two weeks after falling from a scooter, was again in the hospital

The soloist of the Mariinsky Theater David Zaleev, who in the summer lay in a coma for two weeks after falling from an electric scooter, fainted right in the theater, and twice already. According to a Rosbalt source, the first faint happened the day before, the second – today on the street near the theater.

Yesterday two ambulances arrived at the theater, right to the black (artistic) entrance. Zaleev was pumped out and everything worked out. But today he lost consciousness again – already on the street near the theater. The fallen unconscious dancer was accidentally noticed by an employee of the Mariinsky. Zaleev, says a source in the theater, had “almost froth at the mouth.”

Previously, David was actively recovering his form and practicing on a par with all the dancers at the ballet lesson, standing on his head before the lesson and performing complex jumping and other elements of classical dance. Perhaps this activity and heavy workload led to such consequences.

Zaleev was hospitalized. Rosbalt does not know his condition, details are being specified.

Recall that in September Zaleev posted his first post on Instagram after suffering a coma due to the scooter tragedy. The artist looks healthy and cheerful. In the video, a young man sang a song, and a dog in the background howled in response. In another video, the artist showed how the dog reacts to the silent command “die” – the owner pretended to shoot the animal, and he fell “dead”. In mid-November, Zaleev posted a video on Instagram with the performance of difficult jumps and other dance elements, arousing the admiration of subscribers.

The artist’s accident happened in mid-May. Zaleev tried to bypass pedestrians on an electric scooter, but lost control and fell. The dancer was hospitalized with a head injury and put into a drug-induced coma, in which he stayed for half a month.

Source: Rosbalt

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