When a person dies, he or she transfers all of his or her assets to his or her heirs, which may include assets and liabilities. They have the right to disclaim the inheritance, renounce it, or simply not accept it.

Unlike what happens with individuals, the state, when the first representative ceases to hold office, does not have the right to get rid of obligations, but, on the contrary, must respect all obligations assumed by the deceased, even when they were not necessary.

Political-judicial challenges in security

I make the comparison because our new president inherits a country in ruins, with a fiscal treasury of barely 194 million dollars and billions of debts, not only internal, but also foreign, so much that we will go bankrupt with our international creditors., which after the honest statements of President Daniel Noboe that we have no way to honor them, expressed their disagreement, raising the country’s risk to more than 2000 points.

At home, GADs have not received their cash benefits for two months and are already feeling the symptoms of these shortages that affect the most vulnerable people, such as children and the elderly who have nothing to eat in the charity homes that receive them.

In the middle of the whirlwind

And, if that’s not enough, the inexcusable lack of foresight and carelessness in the electricity supply is causing the country to lose millions of dollars a day. The argument that “this is life”, or that “the problem was caused by previous governments”, presented by the outgoing authorities, in the face of such a disaster, shows complete irresponsibility in the management of public affairs. More than one billion dollars would cost the state measures to mitigate the consequences of the so-called It turns out that we now depend on the rains, the only thing they should have told us was to start dancing to attract the waters like our distant ancestors did. And not only that, our investments have stopped because there is not enough energy capacity.

On the other hand, violence and insecurity are such that they scare both domestic and foreign capital, and unemployment is increasing. According to EL UNIVERS as of October 31, “foreign direct investment fell 87% in the first half.”

Never before in our history have we gone through such difficult times as these. The most dramatic thing is that we continue to “export” people, who do not think of putting their lives and the lives of their families in danger in order to realize the American dream, which from the first part of the long, difficult and tragic road ahead of them, turns into a nightmare.

However, there are great riches to be exploited that we don’t even remember. And we have the luxury of having more than 170 projects paralyzed due to lack of environmental permits, representing more than $2 billion.

This is a brief x-ray of what the new president is inheriting. It takes a lot of courage to occupy a country in ruins. I hope that the National Assembly will cooperate with the people who elected it and that the president will fight corruption as he has offered and that he will pull the country out of the prostatation in which it has been left. (OR)