Citizens have low or even zero expectations from the newly established National Assembly; Some believe that parliamentarians do not act for the benefit of the country. (OR)

José E. Ortoneda Sánchez

They are only expected to dedicate themselves to work on what they have to achieve in their positions, for the good of the country and for themselves. They should exhaust the resources to restore security, peace, sources of jobs, education and training, and above all respect for life, to restore humanity and thus show the world a new society in our beloved Ecuador.

It is everyone’s task to act with faith and unity for the benefit of the homeland, guarded by God’s help. (OR)

José Didimo Gastón

Unfortunately, I think it will be the same as the dissolved National Assembly, and maybe even worse because of the new pact between some political parties. (OR)

Carlos Troya Molina

As an Ecuadorian, I have no expectations in the current assembly. This new Assembly also does not want to help Ecuadorians so that we can live in peace, so that we can get a decent job, a better life for our children and future generations. From my perspective, it seems that they do not want to eliminate crime and drug trafficking, they do not care that we Ecuadorians have a job to bring bread to our homes. (OR)

Wilson Erazo

Unfortunately, I have no hopes or expectations for the new convocation of the Assembly. Several of these MPs are the same as the previous ones and are already showing that their agenda is the same as before, with the same hatred, the same revenge and nothing that benefits the state. Some of these people are happy that they unanimously accepted the law, which obviously should have been adopted, but nothing important is currently in sight, only ridiculous political condemnations for not using the second term, and everything to not fulfill their agenda, it’s a waste of time and they call it ” work for people”. (OR)

Victor Hugo Paez

I hope that another death on the cross is not necessary, the bad thing about this “new” National Assembly is that there are again many dismissed MPs in it. I don’t understand why this horrible acceptance by the CNE is allowed for the applications of these who contribute nothing.

It is necessary to fight for this to be a one-member system and for their salaries to be reduced by 50%. (OR)