“Without radar, we will have more deaths; it’s a reality,” said the mayor of Guayaquil, Aquiles Alvarez. A warning phrase after last week, a decision by a judge in the province of Santo Domingo de los Tsáchilas ordered the National Transport Agency (ANT) to suspend the use of speed cameras in Ecuador, except in the province of origin. court ruling.

Previously, in August of this year, Santo Domingo-based Criminal Court Judge Emerson Curipallo Ulloa accepted a request for precautionary measures presented by Abel Gómez, manager of the National Federation of Public Passenger Transport Cooperatives. And based on that, the suspension of the use of technological means such as radar, photoradar and photosensors was ordered. However, this was not followed in cities such as Guayaquil and Quito, where equipment continues to operate normally.

Speed ​​cameras on the road to the coast show up to 95 km/h on the first day of fines for drivers

The mayors of Guayaquil and Durán said they had not yet been notified. And in the case of Alvarez, he added that the radar issue is being demonized. In his opinion, they should be regulated to do good business.

Traffic control is a necessity that must be taken with the tools that best serve to achieve goals, such as reducing accidents and respecting speed limits, both in urban areas and on roads. Therefore, if problems arise, an analysis must be carried out in order to take corrective measures where necessary and where anomalies are reported.

Considering the negative mobility of Ecuador, it is useful that the measures of these processes are designed so that they do not affect the daily control, in a country where excessive speed is one of the main causes of traffic accidents, which even in the month of October 2023 has 1942 deaths (more of six per day, according to ANT) due to accidents for various reasons. (OR)