In our country, bad politics creates myths by repeating misconceptions. Worse, it encourages poor education in school and thus in everyday life. The myth that “all men criticize women for being misogynistic and sexist” is a falsehood that we need to fight against.

Therefore, despite the fact that feminist struggles have shaped principles such as equal rights for more than a century, today a few people – especially politicians – with their pettiness and interests destroy what was so difficult to achieve in justice by hiding their horrible actions. in alleged violence or assaults due to the fact that they are women. Feminisms never promote victimization, on the contrary, they seek the empowerment of all women.

These days, another mediocre politician – Atamaint – instead of giving a reasoned response to Roberto Aguilar’s opinion, pursues him in court in order to divert attention from her omissions and mistakes as the president of the electoral institution. The journalist summarizes the thoughts of most of us who follow national politics: she – and almost all members of the TCE, as he wrote in his article – are not up to the position they occupy, they have not fulfilled their job. What is being criticized is not because she is a woman, but because she allowed powerful people, like Correa, to break the law without CTE legal backlash. She as a politician, as well as her male colleagues, are subject to criticism. Your gender – or theirs – has nothing to do with this.

The cost of victimization distorts the fight to eliminate real misogynistic and violent practices against women. This violence has clear examples: such as asking the opponent to devote himself to make-up -Correa Cynthia Viteri-. Do not believe those who are attacked by harassment and rape – Glas and his party against Soledad Padilla or Peter Calo who received the support of Iza against a young woman who was attacked, or the lawsuit against Carlos Vera by the wife of a man convicted of sexually assaulting another woman-.

It can be considered machismo, even misogyny, condescending treatment of women or using the term gender violence out of pure political opportunism, trivializing it to the point of ridicule every time a woman is singled out for poor work. Aguilar expresses his opinion against Atamaint’s political actions, in this way he sees her as an “equal”, if he did not point out her mistakes just because she is a woman, he would be a misogynist because he is a selective critic who only deals with men.

There are terrible people everywhere, when they have positions of power, the visibility of their mediocrity and prejudices increases. It is disappointing to see the worst spokespeople – supposedly feminists – criticizing a la carte: biased to defend the machismo of their parties, attacking their bosses or friends – even couples – for interests diametrically opposed to fairness and respect. These bad activists and mediocre politicians are destroying the nation by confusing public opinion instead of training against machismo and on feminist principles, to achieve a more democratic social fabric that is diverse, just and egalitarian. (OR)