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The Russians were warned about the fraudulent scheme “using” the call center

The scammers have come up with a scheme according to which the victims themselves call the fake call center and disclose information that allows them to withdraw money from their accounts. In an interview with RIA Novosti, the head of the All-Russian People’s Front project “For the Rights of Borrowers” Yevgenia Lazareva warned about this.

According to her, this has been working in Russia for several years. Previously, this method was used mainly by “borrowers”, false lawyers and medical centers. As Lazareva pointed out, tens of thousands of Russians annually become their victims, despite their wide popularity. Moreover, attackers are still striving to improve their tools.

“In the last year, indeed, more and more messages began to appear from victims of a simpler scheme that does not involve physical interaction: people receive mailings with a warning about the need to urgently solve some problem. After that, they contact the call center and, in a conversation with the operator, provide information that allows them to clean out their accounts, or install malware on their phones or computers, ”said the expert.

We will also remind that earlier Russians were warned that the possession of so-called “dead” bank cards (which the client does not use) can lead to unwanted commissions, imposing services and risks of data leakage.

Source: Rosbalt

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