In today’s wars, every battle has two fronts: one is the military battlefield, and the other is the arena of public opinion.

Israel bases its efforts on truth and authenticity. As a consequence, Israel is at a disadvantage, having to pay with precious time for its insistence on getting the facts before issuing an official statement.

Hamas does not take into account the truth or facts. Furthermore, this terrorist organization is very skilled in manipulation and is ready to use any means at its disposal. One of the most recent examples concerns Al Ahli Hospital in Gaza.

As soon as it was announced that the hospital was seriously damaged, Hamas accused Israel. Despite international condemnation, Israel took time to confirm the facts. At the end of the investigation, it turned out that the hospital was not hit by a weapon, but its parking lot, and that this area was hit by an Islamic Jihad rocket fired against Israel that landed in Gaza.

A thorough investigation was needed before providing evidence that Israel was not responsible and that the information was false. This temporary gap was used by Hamas to incite the Palestinians to violence and make the world fall for their lies.

The Palestinian use of disinformation is nicknamed “Pallywood”. In this version, the aggressors are portrayed as victims, and the victims as aggressors. Hamas went even further, into what could be called “HamaStudios”.

This terrorist organization fabricates, misleads and deceives. He stepped up his efforts after his deadly invasion of Israel, producing endless disinformation worthy of Goebbels.

On October 7, Hamas terrorists gleefully filmed themselves maiming Israeli civilians using the victims’ phones. Despite the incontrovertible evidence of the massacre (extensive documentation of videos, live broadcasts, photographs and eyewitness accounts), Hamas spokesman Basem Naim blatantly lied on Sky News stating: “We did not kill any civilians” and described the compelling evidence as “Israeli propaganda.”

Hamas perpetrates these frauds even as it threatens the lives of Palestinians. Israel recently called on residents of northern Gaza to move south, away from the battlefield. Hamas ordered them to stay, saying Israel’s attempt to prevent harm to civilians was “false propaganda”. Hamas then tried to prevent the evacuation by blocking roads and even produced fake footage of alleged Israeli shelling of fleeing residents. One simply cannot believe what one hears or sees when the source is Hamas.

It is disheartening to see protesters protesting against Israel in favor of Hamas after Israelis young and old have been raped, kidnapped, burned alive and killed. Consciously or unknowingly, such demonstrations express support for these crimes against the innocent.

We must actively fight against these dangerous and false stories. The truth will set us free. And let’s hope it keeps us safe too. (OR)