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Controls by variant of COVID-19 are carried out in the port and airport of Manta

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This year, more than a thousand crew members of boats that arrived in Manta were immunized.

MANTA, Manabi

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Between one and two flights a week arrive at the Eloy Alfaro de Manta airport, while an average of 35 boats dock per month in the port of this city, places where the health authorities of Manabí carry out controls and even vaccinate crew members who arrive via sea ​​and air to this Manabi population.

These actions are part of the preventive measures that are adopted in the presence of the omicron variant of COVID-19 in other countries.

Most of the foreign ships that arrive in Manta come from Panama, Colombia, Mexico, the United States and Peru to unload or load fish, wheat and even vehicles.

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To date, more than a thousand crew members have been immunized in the port of Manta, as well as antigen tests, swabs and search for cases.

“When a ship arrives at the Port, the shipping agency communicates with the Manta Captaincy and this in turn informs the Health District, whose staff requests documents such as the maritime health declaration, list of vaccinated, information on the last 10 ports ”, explained Kelvin Carranza, responsible for Surveillance of this district unit of the Zonal Coordination 5 of the Ministry of Public Health (MSP).

In Manabí, cases of the mu variant of COVID-19 are already reported and they ask to maintain biosecurity measures to avoid contagion

At the Eloy Alfaro de Manta airport, passengers are asked for the PCR test certificate, the traveler’s document and the COVID-19 vaccination card. If positive cases are detected, the patient is placed in isolation for 14 days, providing control and evaluation; likewise, the search for other possible cases is activated for the corresponding follow-up.

Wladimir Briones, director of the Manta health district, which includes this canton and Jaramijó and Montecristi, indicated that controls and surveillance at the Manta air and port terminals have been strengthened.

“Although very few (users) reach us, through the airport, we have permanent staff so that when there is an eventuality, the reaction is quick and we are ready to act at that time and carry out timely epidemiological surveillance,” said Briones.

Until week 18 of this year, last April, a decrease in cases was reported in this district, but as of week 43 (last month) there was a slight rebound in cases, before which there were meetings with health technicians.

Also that at present there are also reports of problems with the circulation of respiratory viruses, which some people could associate with COVID-19.

Among the response actions against COVID-19 and its variants, in the three cantons that make up this Health district, vaccination days aimed at the population aged 5 years and over were intensified, both in the first and second doses, as well as the placement of booster doses in those over 18 years of age and who have completed 6 months of the application of the second dose. (I)

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