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The Czech Republic called Russia its main threat

The Czech Republic called Russia its main threat

The Czech Republic approved the draft of a new defense strategy. The document names Russia as the most serious threat to the country, reports Seznam Zpravy.

The document emphasizes that “the likelihood of a military attack on the Czech Republic or one of the NATO and EU countries is the highest since the end of the Cold War.” It is noted that the main task of Czech defense policy is “comprehensive preparation for a long, high-intensity defensive war with a technologically advanced enemy equipped with nuclear weapons.”

The text states that “Russia will pose the most serious threat to the security of the Czech Republic and its allies in the long term,” Kommersant quotes excerpts. The strategy notes that it is important for the Czech authorities to build “well-armed and trained forces,” as well as “to prepare the territory of the Czech Republic for the possible transfer of a large number of allied troops,” the text says.

The new strategy takes into account the military conflict in Ukraine, which, as noted in the text, only confirmed the importance of the country’s membership in NATO. The alliance is “designed to deter the enemy from attack,” the document says.

The strategy has already been adopted by the Czech Security Council, and the document must be approved by the Czech government in October.

Source: Rosbalt

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