Once the richest country in Latin America has been living the lie of 21st century socialism since 1999, people are in constant uncertainty, especially because of the shortage that fills Venezuelans with anguish because it is an odyssey to find medicine, basic foodstuffs (milk, meat, flour, sugar), even toilet paper and even soap; Public services (electricity, water, etc.) are a disaster, and to that must be added the difficulties in obtaining gasoline.

Chamo, what are you doing here?

The mentor of the lie was the late Hugo Chávez, who in a progressive and accelerated ideological mutation defined the Bolivarian Armed Forces as “anti-imperialist, revolutionary and socialist”. The slogan “Domestic Socialism or Death” has been adopted by the Venezuelan military since 2007, as a symbolic expression for all its official actions, but mainly to salute Chávez as the head of his unconditional supporters. “Homeland or death” and “Socialism or death” are slogans that his political teacher Fidel Castro had already spent in Cuba. The influence of the Cuban communist government is permanent, a good part of the Venezuelan army undergoes military training and ideological indoctrination courses in Cuba and Russia.

Luisa Venezuelanizes you

From the beginning, in order to establish himself in power, Hugo Chávez corrupted the military and gained their unconditional support. The successor to power, Nicolás Maduro, not only continued with the same tone of corruption, he went further, he prostituted them.

What kind of support do Luisa González and Daniel Noboa have for the second round?

Nicolás Maduro feels safe with his lieutenant, the all-powerful Diosdado Cabello, who has real control over the armed forces. The unconditionality of the army is not free, they manage the big oil companies and their derivatives, they are state ministers, ambassadors, university rectors, they manage the distribution of food and the fabulous black market that leaves them with enormous “profits” to increase their profits.

From the beginning, in order to establish himself in power, Hugo Chávez corrupted the military and gained their unconditional support.

In Venezuela there are more generals and admirals than soldiers, with unlimited privileges and canons and who have amassed great fortunes. To maintain these privileges, the military forces became the most repressive; In addition, they allowed groups of armed criminals to operate with complete impunity, such as the so-called cells of “revolutionary militants” and the Network of Immediate Mobilization (REMI), which act to violently intimidate those who “dare” to demand food, medicine. , democracy, justice and freedom; In addition, they maintain a strong network of informants to expose opponents from the Committee for the Defense of the Revolution (CDR), the Popular Militia and the Intelligence Service which is under the control and command of the Cuban military.

Faced with this dire situation, it is no surprise that more than seven million Venezuelans have left their country, the largest human exodus in the history of Latin America. It is practically impossible to live with accumulated inflation of more than a million percent and a salary of less than five dollars a month.

This is a paradise that, according to the Correismo candidate, “has better living conditions than in Ecuador.” (OR)