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This is how the weather is forecast in Guayaquil and Quito during the Ecuador match against the Netherlands

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The expectation of Ecuadorians to be able to see Ecuador’s second game in the Qatar 2022 World Cup is growing, since the first game ended with a victory against the host. The next match will be this Friday, November 25, against the Netherlands, starting at 11:00 Ecuador time.

Despite being a working day, several points have been set aside for the fans to admire the matches on giant screens, hence the concern about the weather in these coming days. On Sunday, after the first game of “La Tri” heavy rain was recorded in the capital.

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Javier Macas, a forecast analyst at the National Institute of Meteorology and Hydrology (Inamhi), pointed out that the rain recorded on Sunday afternoon was of high intensity, especially in the Tumbaco Valley, which reached 54.2 milliliters of water received. This figure is similar to the one reported at the end of January and caused by the flood in La Gasca.

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“The difference with that occasion was that “in de La Gasca we came from a series of rains, so the soil was saturated with moisture, it no longer had absorption capacity,” he added.

Weather for the following days

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Macas said that in Quito during the morning there will be high solar radiation, that there is no rain alert, at least until noon. In the afternoons, the presence of rain is expected. But, in the opinion of the Inamhi official, it will be less forceful than the rain registered last Sunday.

In Guayaquil, and the Litoral region in general, the weather situation will be more favorable. Javier Macas explained that there is less probability of rain, which will have somewhat cold early mornings, but during the morning and afternoon they will have high solar radiation.

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The Amazon will be the most affected in terms of rainfall. Finally, from Inamhi they reported that, in the event of a variation or alert with the weather, they will be notified through their official social networks.

The recommendation for the fans who will watch the games on giant screens installed outdoors was the use of caps or hats, application of sunscreen and avoiding being exposed to the sun for long days. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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