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Three substitute councilors of the CPCCS will not attend the plenary session of the National Assembly to take office

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Three of the four alternate councilors of the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS), who were called by the National Assembly for their possession after the dismissal of the main ones, will not arrive at the plenary session called for this November 24 to starting at 4:20 p.m.

Carlos Figueroa and Karina Ponce Silvia, who appear on the list sent by the National Electoral Council (CNE) to the National Assembly as substitute councillors, excused themselves before Parliament. While Jaime Chugchilán will not attend because a prison order weighs on him for a criminal trial he is facing for massive fraud.

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The name of Mónica Moreira Morán also appears on the list, but she has not yet made a pronouncement, in some media she has indicated that it has been main in 2021 and 2022.

The president of the Assembly, Virgilio Saquicela, convened the plenary session for this November 24, for the possession of the main advisers of the CPCCS, attached to the legislative resolution of November 18, 2022, in which censure and dismissal of the four main directors: Hernán Ulloa, María Fernanda Rivadeneira, Ibeth Estupiñán and Francisco Bravo.

This resolution was the subject of a protection action filed by the citizen Manuel Párraga Quiroz, and the judge of the Multi-competent Judicial Unit of the canton of La Concordia, Ángel Lindao Vera, ordered a precautionary measure and annulled the resolution of the Assembly, which in the session of last November 18 dismissed the four CPCCS counselors for having failed to observe and disrespect the constitutional state of law when processing the impeachment trial.

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Judge accepts autonomous precautionary measure and orders the suspension of the effects of the dismissal of the four CPCCS directors

After learning of the judge’s ruling, the two substitute councilors sent a letter to the president of the Assembly, Virgilio Saquicela, in which Carlos Figueroa points out that due to previously committed professional responsibilities it is impossible for him to be present at the session and he presented his respective apologies.

On the other hand, Karina Ponce Silvia indicates that she will wait for the dispute to be resolved in the corresponding judicial instance, for which she refrains from attending the convocation of the National Assembly, although she clarifies that she has already taken office previously.

Additionally, Ponce rejected what she calls the judicialization of politics, as well as the attempts and instruments used by the dismissed councilors to maintain their dignities.

tense atmosphere

The atmosphere in the National Assembly before the installation of the plenary session at 4:20 p.m. is tense, and this time, the president of the legislature, Virgilio Saquicela, will not be present in the room, since he was absent and is in the province of Cañar, it will not be possible for him to return, it was reported.

Virgilio Saquicela and his political allies announce that they will not abide by the judicial decision that annulled the dismissal of four CPCCS advisers

The person in charge of installing session 816 of the plenary session is the first vice president, Marcela Holguín (UNES). His bench, like that of the Social Christian Party, will be present at the call, while the government bloc and a sector of Pachakutik and the Democratic Left anticipated that they will not attend the plenary session so as not to endorse a violation of the norm, because at If precautionary measures exist, a judicial provision issued by a competent authority would be not being observed.

Salvador Quishpe, from the Pachakutik bloc, said that the National Assembly should suspend the session because the judicial decision regarding the dismissal and censure of four councilors must be respected. “As Pachakutik, we are not going to endorse the programmed position, we have asked that everything be suspended, if there is a pronouncement by a constitutional judge and the Assembly goes beyond that mandate, it could be that tomorrow they make use of the right of repetition,” he noted. the.

The legislator Luis Almeida, from the PSC, commented that his bench will be present at the installation of the plenary session and denounced that the Government is taking steps so that the new CPCCS advisers do not take office, but he said that they have fifteen days to take office, if the next surrogate in the list will not be called.

Paola Cabezas, from the UNES correista bloc, stated that the groping of the “pocket judges” of wanting to impose the government’s agenda cannot be accepted. What the National Assembly did is political control of the CPCCS and it concluded in the dismissal of four councilors. “I don’t know what we did wrong for the gentlemen to run to present protection actions; We are going to send a complaint to the president of the Council of the Judiciary, Fausto Murillo, so that they order their judges,” she added. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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