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Impeccable: the Japan team leaves their dressing room clean, emulating their fans; FIFA congratulates you

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Two days ago, the fans of the Japanese team they earned praise for their national custom of leaving clean any place they’ve been; they did it in the stadium after the victory against Germany 2-1.

Yesterday, FIFA also congratulated the Japanese sports team for following the same line, by leaving the dressing room of the Khalifa International Stadium impeccable, and shared a photograph as proof, through social networks.

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The culture of cleanliness that the Japanese employ is part of the Buddhist tradition, that relates dirt to disease, death and everything unpleasant. Citizens are encouraged to keep shared spaces, such as train stations and public toilets, clean.

Children learn it from kindergarten and they develop it during their student life: each group must always leave their classroom clean. You see it in any student anime series: every once in a while, someone will have to stay after school to help out.

It is not surprising that the queen of the minimalist trend today is the Japanese Marie Kondo, author of the magic of orderwho proposes to turn around the house, office or anywhere, take everything out and do a conscious cleaning, leaving only what inspires positive emotions and getting rid of everything else.

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His latest book is kurashi at home, which would be translated as “the ideal way to spend our time” at home. (AND)

Source: Eluniverso

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