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What are your rights if you resign or are fired from your job in Ecuador?

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Terminating a labor relationship with a company can happen for many reasons, some have to do with the worker since he finds a better position or opportunity.

On other occasions, it is the company that makes the decision for various actions of the employee or measures in the face of an economic situation.

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The Labor Code does not have a figure of voluntary resignation as such, however, article 184 mentions eviction, which is a notice that one of the parties (employer or worker) gives to the other their willingness to terminate the contract that binds them.

Were you fired or did you quit? This is what you should receive as a settlement

By right, the employee must receive 25% of the equivalent of the last monthly remuneration for each year of the years of services provided to the company.

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In the case of an untimely dismissal, which is requested by the employer, the worker has the right to receive if he was a period of one to three years, he has the right to three additional remunerations; and, from the fourth year, he receives a salary for each year that he has been with that employer as compensation, if he is fired.

If a person worked for four years and five months, the severance pay item is calculated as if they had worked for five years, that is, the last monthly salary they received is multiplied by five.

To this value must also be added the bonus for eviction, that is, 25% of the last remuneration multiplied by the years of service.

Additionally, you will also be given the proportional tenths payable as well as the payment of pending vacation days. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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