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Almost 92 kilos of marijuana were seized in two police operations in Esmeraldas

Two citizens were arrested in the last hours. One carried 79.95 kilos in a car, while a woman pretended to sell 11.76 kilos on the streets.


Almost 92 kilos of marijuana were seized in two police operations in Esmeraldas, which ended with the apprehension of two citizens in the last hours.

In one of the police actions called Arenal, the agents of the Unit Against Trafficking for Internal Consumption found 79.95 kilos of marijuana, indicated the Esmeraldas Subzone of the National Police.

The anti-drug operation took place after police investigations in the streets of March 6 and November 25, in the Arenal circuit. There, and during a preventive service, the driver of a car, a yellow Chevrolet Aveo, made several maneuvers that denoted his nervousness and evasion of control.

In the review, he was identified as Ángel P., of Ecuadorian nationality, and who had a history or previous arrest for illicit association.

After the body search and after the inspection of the car, the police found 79,950 grams (which is equivalent to 79.95 kilos) of a substance of plant origin that tested positive for marijuana, as well as a cell phone.

In another public space, and also for anti-drug investigation work, Ángela Q. was apprehended in the area known as Fortín, in the Esmeraldas land terminal sector. They seized 13 brick-like wrappers, covered with packing tape, that contained 11,765 grams (11.76 kilos) of marijuana, according to the preliminary test carried out on the green substance.

With this, according to the National Police, some 180,630 doses of drugs (marijuana) were taken from the internal market that were intended to be sold in different neighborhoods of Esmeraldas.

The detainees and the drugs were placed under the orders of the authorities. (I)

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