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Nutritionist told which mushrooms are ideal for weight loss

Nutritionist told which mushrooms are ideal for weight loss

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Champignon mushrooms are not only delicious in a variety of dishes, but also help to lose weight or maintain weight, said nutritionist Elena Tikhomirova.

According to the portal, the specialist emphasized that champignons are rich in mushroom fiber, which is practically not absorbed by the digestive tract. In the large intestine, this fiber acts like a sponge and absorbs all harmful substances in order to bring them out later.

According to the expert, eating champignons can improve the functioning of the intestines, since mushroom fiber improves peristalsis and is a source of “good” intestinal bacteria.

In turn, the healthy state of the intestinal microflora will positively affect the functioning of the immune system and even the prevention of depression and brain diseases.

In addition, you can not limit yourself to champignons even during a diet: for losing weight, champignons are just an ideal product, since they have practically no calorie content. All the calorie content of the product is in fiber, which is not absorbed by the body. In addition, they practically do not contain fats and carbohydrates.

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