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The psychologist called the products that are better to give up when stressed

The psychologist called the products that are better to give up when stressed

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Nutrition plays a major role during stressful events. This was stated by psychologist Olga Romaniv, writes Medikforum.

According to her, a number of products can disrupt the work of the whole organism at once. So, she advised to give up caffeine, sugar, alcohol during stress.

The specialist explained that high doses of caffeine that enter the body during stress negatively affect the functioning of the heart, contribute to arrhythmia and overload, which enhances negative emotional states, contributes to the appearance of panic attacks, neuroses and insomnia.

Also, during stress, it is better to give up sugar – its high doses can cause problems with the gastrointestinal tract, endocrine system, and pancreas. At the same time, the use of alcohol in stressful circumstances contributes to the consolidation of the habit of drinking alcohol and the development of alcoholism.

The experts added that it is also desirable to exclude fast food and fatty snacks, which lead to indigestion, fluid retention and swelling. Because of such food, blood vessels also suffer, a predisposition to spasms appears.

According to the psychologist, the best way to support the body during stress is a balanced diet, which includes more natural and low-processed foods – vegetables, fruits, herbs, as well as water in sufficient quantities.

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