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Páramo fox was rescued in Duran. It is presumed that the animal was taken from its habitat to make it a pet

The fox undergoes medical examinations at the facilities of the Fundación Proyecto Sacha, in Guayaquil

A moor foxLycalopex) adult was rescued by the Environmental Police Unit in a house within a closed urbanization of the Duran canton. The animal is severely malnourished and was taken to the Fundación Proyecto Sacha facilities in Guayaquil.

“We do not know the preconditions of the find. He went into a house and they reported him ”, says Eliana Molineros, director of the foundation.

But, what does a páramo fox do in Durán when its habitat, as its name implies, is the páramo? It is definitely a case of mascotization, indicates Molineros. The animal huddles in fear in its cage. That would complicate a possible return to their natural habitat.

Nowhere in the world would a wild fox be in that position. If it were wild, it would be in a position to attack us, but the animal is terrified because it has been taken by someone unknown”, Says the specialist.

The fox is in bad body condition. He weighs seven kilos when he should be twice that weight. Currently blood tests are being carried out to find out what pathologies he has: “He may have diseases related to domestic fauna, especially distemper. He stays hospitalized until he knows what happens ”, indicates Molineros.

In Ecuador, cases of páramo foxes with canine distemper or distemper have already been reported. This disease is transmitted by domestic dogs. In August 2018, the Quito Zoo in Guyllabamba euthanized a páramo fox that was found with its tail mutilated in Imbabura, after medical tests confirmed that it suffered from the disease. This species is considered vulnerable in the country. (I)

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