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Fishermen would have found human remains near Cerro Gallina, in Galapagos; it is investigated if it is a passenger of the boat Angy

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On the morning of September 29, fishermen from Santa Cruz Island, in the Galapagos, reported the discovery of alleged human remains in the sea near Cerro Gallina. Members of the Prosecutor’s Office, Police and the Galapagos National Park (PNG) carried out the removal of the remains.

According to the digital media Galapagos Online, it would be a torso, but it is not yet known if it is from a woman or a man. In addition, it is analyzed if the remains belong to one of the passengers of the Angy boat, which was shipwrecked on September 25, or if it is an isolated event.

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They were adrift for seven hours, desperate and dehydrated: six months ago, another cabotage vessel was about to sink with passengers in Galapagos

Although the Angy boat had a registered passenger list, the captain of the boat exceeded the number of passengers and several of them were not on the list. Four people died in the wreck.

Around 11:00, the fishermen reported the finding while they were fishing. The Prosecutor’s Office has indicated, according to the digital medium, that it will carry out all the forensic studies and investigations to find out if it really is a person, since there is a possibility that they are the remains of a sea lion. The remains were collected by speedboat and arrived at the PNG dock. Cerro Gallina is an area very popular with surfers in Puerto Ayora and where fishing activities take place regularly. The site is close to Cerro Dragon, a tourist spot.

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At least five contraventions were carried out by the Angy boat, whose shipwreck in Galapagos leaves four dead so far

Pablo Caicedo, national director of Aquatic Spaces of the Navy, has affirmed, in several statements this week, that there is the possibility that there are more victims of the Angy shipwreck. The set of violations and omissions that led to the sinking of this vessel is not a specific issue of that vessel. Six months ago, the boat Arrecife was also adrift for seven hours due to several offenses committed by the captain.

Source: Eluniverso

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