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‘No tanker has passed through here,’ claim inhabitants of parishes in the northeast of Quito, where there is a cut in the drinking water service

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“No water tanker has come here, the neighbor who has the town’s water helps me to cook, but to bathe and other needs there is no water anymore,” said Manuel Merizalde while waiting sitting on a chair on the sidewalk. from your house.

According to information from the Metropolitan Public Company for Potable Water and Sanitation (Epmaps), the cut will last until Saturday, October 1 and from that day a gradual reactivation will begin.

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The inhabitant of the Pifo parish, northeast of Quito, pointed out that no one warned them that they were going to cut off the drinking water service, and that he had to buy bottles of water, but he asked that the supply be restored soon, since it is too expensive.

Since Saturday, September 24, the Pifo, Puembo, Tababela, Yaruquí, Checa, El Quinche and Guayllabamba parishes have not had drinking water service. The Metropolitan Public Potable Water and Sanitation Company (Epmaps) reported the rupture of a transmission and distribution pipeline located 14 meters underground, at the height of the roundabout between Pifo and Píntag.

Parishes in the northeast of Quito do not have drinking water; classes were suspended in 14 educational centers

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A new pipeline is being built at the site that will provide water to the eastern parishes for the next 30 years, informed the manager of Epmaps, Othón Cevallos.

In addition, he pointed out that the damage is right on the Interoceanic highway, therefore, it was impossible to stop traffic on this highway that connects Quito with the Amazon.

He also mentioned that 20 tankers have been assigned to supply liquid to the inhabitants. However, the same authority indicated that 20,000 families are affected, with a total of approximately 80,000 people.

QUITO.- Until October 1, the suspension of the drinking water service will be maintained in seven parishes of the DMQ. Until then it will be supplied with tankers. Photo: Andres Salazar

Given the need for more tankers, he said that they will look for other alternatives, since there would not be many vehicles that transport drinking water, since this need is not very common in the Metropolitan District of Quito (DMQ).

The return of water to the homes of these parishes will be segmented. First, the service will be resumed in the Tababela, Puembo and Yaruquí parishes. Later will be the Czech, El Quinche, Pifo and Guayllabamba parishes.

Classes in fourteen 4 educational establishments remain in virtual mode, according to the Ministry of Education.

The manager apologized to the residents for the damage caused and said that residents who need to report or request the presence of tankers can do so through social networks or by calling 18000 242424. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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