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The Chone Killers are credited with 33 murders in two years

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In December 2020, the Police already dismantled the Chone Killers gang, which operated in Durán, from the leader to the executors fell then after an investigation for eight murders, but in a few months they were released after the then prosecutor Luis Machado decided not to charge them. , despite the evidence presented by the Police.

The official was released from the institution for this decision and prosecuted for procedural fraud, however, this case was annulled a year later and he is free.

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The Police once again had to search for evidence and initiate investigations against that organization, which is attributed to at least 33 murders in the last two years after regaining their freedom.

Only with a weapon that was seized from them a couple of months ago it was already confirmed that they had executed ten people and left another eight wounded.

Two men were found hanging on the Duran pedestrian bridge

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Today there are 19 detainees, but among them is not the leader of the gang known as Ben 10, authorities clarify.

Those captured were investigated for organized crime and according to General Fausto Olivo, national head of the Dinased, it has been possible to determine the roles of each of them in the gang.

The Prosecutor’s Office initiated the investigation for organized crime to commit murders, terrorist acts, micro-trafficking and reception.

Olivo assured that this time they have even arrested those who make the transfers during the crimes.

This investigation started after members of the gang supposedly killed two men who were later hung from the Duran pedestrian bridge, this crime that frightened everyone took place on February 14. And supposedly these deceased were involved in the elaboration of double bottoms in the containers.

On April 22, this same gang reportedly shot at an ambulance on the Durán-Boliche highway, killing three people.

The Police presume that there was an error, that the assassins wanted to kill an inmate who was going to be transferred to a canton of Guayas to serve house arrest at his home.

Gunshot attack on an ambulance going from Guayaquil to Milagro causes three deaths and the same number of injuries

Months later, the same organization allegedly planted a load of explosives outside the Albán Borja Prosecutor’s Office.

For the arrest of these processes, 27 fiscal agents were required, since 25 raids were carried out in various sectors of Guayaquil and Durán, said General Víctor Zárate, commander of zone 8.

He added that among the 19 detainees, there are 45 police arrests and open investigations for crimes such as murder, drug trafficking and others.

They hope that this arrest will lead to a sentence and that the suspects will not return to the streets so quickly. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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