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Fernando Villavicencio resigns from the presidency of the Oversight Commission of the National Assembly

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Assemblyman Fernando Villavicencio, this September 28, announced that he will resign from the presidency of the Political Oversight and Control Commission of the National Assembly, after the Legislative Administration Council (CAL) began processing a complaint filed against him. by legislator Ronny Aleaga (UNES).

Villavicencio will be prosecuted by CAL because he allegedly attacked members of the UNES caucus in an offensive, discriminatory and underhanded manner when, in plenary session 740, on June 26, 2022, he stated: “The Tetons drug cartel,” comment which —according to the complaint— constitutes a type of symbolic violence and promotes hatred, with which the accused would have committed a very serious administrative offense contemplated in article 171, numeral 5, of the Organic Law of the Legislative Function (LOFL). The complainant requests that Villavicencio be suspended for 90 days.

Qualification and resignation

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With the vote of legislators Esteban Torres (PSC), Virgilio Saquicela (IND), Marcela Holguín (UNES) and Darwin Pereira, the CAL made possible Assemblyman Aleaga’s complaint against Villavicencio.

Fernando Villavicencio will be prosecuted for offending and discriminating against Ronny Aleaga and the UNES bench by calling them the “tetons cartel”

According to Villavicencio, the complaint against him is based on an exchange of words, not on an intervention. “He accuses me of having called him ‘tetón’, (…) a term (which) is part of the harvest of the country’s imaginary and of the particular culture”, he added.

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That by calling him “big”, added the national legislator, he generated an insufferable chain of hatred and damage in Aleaga, and asks that Villavicencio be suspended for 90 days.

The one who should have been sanctioned and investigated by the CAL, or at least have given explanations, is Ronny Aleaga —said Villavicencio—, to find out what he was doing in a pool with fugitives from justice, such as Javier Jordán Mendoza, who has accumulated more than 40 trials of investigation and that he has ties and commercial relations with the leader of the Jalisco New Generation cartel, Leandro Norero, prosecuted for drug trafficking.

Villavicencio once again showed the press a photograph where Aleaga appears in a swimming pool with Leonardo Cortázar, who manages the electricity sector; Pablo Mendoza, accused of hospital corruption; and Javier Jordán Mendoza, accused of selling overpriced medical supplies during the pandemic.

According to the national legislator, Aleaga’s accusation and the request for suspension respond to a political agreement between former president Rafael Correa and the person who manages the PSC bloc, Jaime Nebot, to remove Fernando Villavicencio from the presidency of the Audit Commission for three months, so that “it does not present the report on the links between the Jordán teton and Leandro Norero, whose information was provided by a UNES assemblyman.”

Also, he said, they are concerned about the report that will come out of the Commission on Coca Codo Sinclair. That the country must see how the PSC, UNES and the Government vote. “We are going to see if the political forces of the Assembly approve the report of the Supervision table that asks the Government not to receive the hydroelectric plant because it has 17,500 failures,” he added.

The national legislator warned that the next blow that the PSC and Correismo intend to give is to remove him from the Assembly, because they do not want the other part of Álex Bravo to be investigated: “The money that he gave to Leonardo Borer to buy the mansion of Agustín Febres Lamb”.

He announced that he will not give them the pleasure and, therefore, he made the decision to resign from the presidency of the Oversight Commission, so that “they do the dirty work.” And he affirmed: “I am not going to be managing the corruption; I do not lend myself to impunity, I do not lend myself to receiving a hydroelectric plant, I do not lend myself to cover up the links with drug trafficking.”

Villavicencio commented that it will be a few more days until the house is cleaned and the impeachment process against the Council for Citizen Participation and Social Control (CPCCS) is installed.

Aleaga asks for evidence

The representative of Guayas for UNES Ronny Aleaga reported the reasons why he filed the complaint against Villavicencio: he said that the offense he committed is serious, because he made a story of an alleged link to drug politics and drug trafficking, and he has not presented a single piece of evidence before the Prosecutor’s Office.

Aleaga summoned Villavicencio to present evidence on the alleged link to drug trafficking. That he has demonstrated with documents and certificates from the Attorney General’s Office, the Judicial Council and the Intelligence Service that there is no investigation for alleged links to drug trafficking.

He also said that, from the information he has, there are no links to the people mentioned by Villavicencio for alleged drug trafficking.

That the topic of photography was closed a long time ago, when he made a pronouncement; that it was a private space from which a photo was maliciously leaked, which represents absolutely nothing. The people who appear in the photograph must answer for the things they have done; which he responds as Ronny Aleaga. And, the same, Fernando Villavicencio must respond to the authorities about the alleged link to drug trafficking, but with documents. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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