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What should I do when I receive two debit or credit cards or when I record unauthorized consumption?

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A few months ago, Rocío opened a savings account in a banking institution so that the company where she works can pay her salary that way. That process was quick and in half an hour she already had a new bank account.

That request was subject to the issuance of a debit card that would arrive in a week, says Rocío. The days went by and she actually arrived at her house. She signed the receiving document and was able to use it.

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However, a week later, there was a knock on his door and he was a motorized. “I’ve come to leave your card, miss,” said the delivery man. Rocío was scared because she had already received the debit card and checked the other. She saw that her data was there and it was the same number as the previous card.

“I almost had a spill when I saw the credit card bill,” says a user who forgot the end of the grace months: in Ecuador, credit card consumption in December was $ 891 million

Rocío indicates that she did not accept or sign the document, but he did photograph this one and the motorized one. Three days later he went to the bank to notify him and they told him that it was a duplication error. With that procedure they inactivated the second card, says the woman.

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These situations must be reported immediately, says Stalin Espinosa, Card specialist at Banco ProCredit.

“We must take into consideration that a card arrives based on a request from a client, so let’s say that sometimes we receive many offers from financial institutions, but the one who has the power of decision is always the client. In that case, you have to see the reasonableness, if it also has the same data of the (card) requested. Now, what I have to do is call, get in touch on the call center (from the bank) and report as it is not a common processSpinoza says.

These situations can be generated by some failure in the processEspinosa points out. “And you have to take corrective actions such as blocking the first card or if (there is) a very suspicious transaction to analyze that card and take action to avoid possible fraud,” he explains, adding that the frequency of cases like Rocío’s It usually leads banks to carry out monitoring to rule out that they are scams.

What are the problems that keep Ecuadorians awake at night?

according to a Produbanco spokesman, there are other situations, which are not frequent, in which two credit cards usually arrive. For example, when the citizen reported the damage to his card and the replacement is made. “It is a very rare case, but it can happen. Once the incident is reported, the bank proceeds with the cancellation of the other card”, he affirms.

According to Asobanca, at the end of August 2022, andhe consumer credit was 39% of the total, equivalent to a balance of $14,558 million.

Another novelty with credit and debit cards is the application. Against this, What can the citizen do who did not request these instruments and a discount has been made for that issue? According to the Produbanco spokesperson, first the Customers should be on the lookout for notifications sent by email or text message of transactions.

Second, if this situation occurs, the client can inform the Superintendency of Banks of this irregularity. “The person can file a claim, complaint, saying that an entity sent him a card without having requested it and that entity will have to present the backup”, mentions the Produbanco spokesman.

Espinosa agrees with this, mentioning that he can also communicate to the call center of that banking institution or present the formal claim to the Superintendence of Banks. “In cases when you never applied and they discounted you for that card, the bank is responsible and it must return those values ​​because the last word of acceptance of a service must always be with the client”, he specifies.

If the debits are for insurance or other services and I want to file a claim, what is the procedure?

According to the Produbanco spokesperson, there are payments that are made with the credit card with the prior consent of the client, such as internet services, telephony and insurance. And he clarifies that the cards are only a means of payment.

“That is why financial institutions communicate to clients that they must cancel it or treat it with that insurance, cable or telephone provider. There is a belief on the part of the clients that by canceling the card they also cancel the service, but let us remember that the cards are means of paymentand the means of payment has not acquired the commitment with the service provider, the one who acquired or agreed on the service was the client with that provider”, he points out.

Paying the down payment on a home or traveling to Qatar, among alternatives for Ecuadorians to use utilities

Espinosa, on the other hand, says that this depends on the bank. And in the case of insurance, the process is carried out at Banco ProCredit. “The client notifies us of the case and we carry out the procedure with the insurer so that they can return (the money). The client must always have an information channel so that they do not feel confusedwe carry out the process and the client receives the answer, but always from the bank”, he mentions.

What should I do when it comes to non-common and even international debits?

Experts suggest keeping the following in mind:

  • Always observe notifications from banking entities via email or text message, and even in banking applications.
  • Have the antivirus updated on a computer or cell phone.
  • Know what type of technology the bank uses to protect credit or debit cards.
  • Do not open any email. There are situations in which the logo and the same colors of the entity appear. You must report and not enter personal data.
  • It is important to always have your debit or credit card within reach when completing a purchase. If it is in a restaurant, do not let them take the means of payment.

“If I see a purchase that I didn’t make, I have to contact the bank. Here what happens in the institution is that they raise the respective surcharges, analyze the cases and depending on the information, the value is returned to the client. But, What happens if we see that this fraud attempt was made and the client did not recognize it? We recommend that this card be canceled or closed. And in that case, we give him another card and these recommendations”, explains Espinosa. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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