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Why is the police building to be demolished called Castle Grayskull?

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The Ecuadorian government will try to erase a space from the Higher Police School that is at the center of the controversy over the death of lawyer María Belén Bernal.

It is a building in which the rooms used by the officers who work in that training school are located. It has four floors and is surrounded by bushes. In front of the infrastructure there is a palm tree.

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There was the room of Germán Cáceres, a police lieutenant who was Bernal’s husband. He is the main suspect in the femicide of the 34-year-old lawyer.

Disagreement between the two lawyers of the cadet Joselyn S. led to the withdrawal of ‘habeas corpus’ in the process for the disappearance and femicide of María Belén Bernal

According to the versions, Bernal arrived at that building and found her husband and a cadet in the room. After that there was an argument with shouts and calls for help. Bernal was found eleven days later strangled and with signs of suffocation on the Casitagua hill, located behind the school.

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President Guillermo Lasso announced this Monday, September 26, that once the collection of evidence is completed in the officers’ building, it will be demolished. In the same place, he announced, a new structure with greater technology and surveillance will be erected.

These days, lawyers handling the case have referred to that place as Castle Grayskull.

The building is supposed to have exclusive areas for officers, but that day cadets were in the place, something that the Police themselves have recognized should not have happened.

‘Mr President, I do not want symbolic closures, I want the truth: what happened to my daughter on September 11?, says Elizabeth Otavalo about the act at the Police School

One of Bernal’s lawyers indicated that this place for officers was one of the areas of the police school that does not have a surveillance system.

Gonzalo Matovelle, Elizabeth Otavalo’s lawyer, said days ago that for them the attack “occurred in the famous Grayskull castle, which is the accommodation for officers within the Higher Police School.”

Within the fictional world of comics, Castle Grayskull was a fortress located on Eternia and the place of origin of He-Man’s powers. In the eighties, He Man and the masters of the universe was a popular television series that was broadcast in Ecuador.

The lawyer indicated that he believes that there were more involved who were in that space of that dependency.

“That (castle) has no cameras, because that is what one of the detained cadets even says in the versions, that Cáceres tells her not to worry because there are no cameras,” Matovelle said on a Quito station. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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