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They threw a toy weapon into the parking lot of the Valdivia Prosecutor’s Office

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It was 04:30 this Friday, September 23, when the officials of the Valdivia Prosecutor’s Office, in the south of Guayaquil, were alerted to an unusual event.

Two men on a motorcycle had thrown a toy gun into the parking lot of the building.

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A woman who was at the point saw the men who were circulating along 25 de Julio Avenue launch the device.

In addition, the woman indicated that she saw some leaves thrown into the street, however, the alleged pamphlets were not found when the officials left. They would have blown away in the strong early morning wind.

Prosecutor suffered an attack on the road to Guayas; they shot at his vehicle

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Prosecutor César Peña, who was on duty, said that he was in a hearing with the judge when they were called and they went downstairs to verify what had happened.

They are concerned about what is happening, because as María Josefa Coronel, director of the Judiciary of Guayas, has already confirmed, they do not have private security in the Prosecutor’s Office, even the place does not have the necessary lighting.

In the parking lot there is no one to take care of which car enters or who leaves, the officials say.

They fear that the next time they will leave an explosive, a car bomb or even plant explosives in the car of a worker or lawyer because they come to the place 24 hours a day.

These are the attacks on prosecutors and judges reported this year in Ecuador

In the case of prosecutor Peña, it is not the first time that he has experienced some type of threat. Months ago they even shot at his car when he was traveling to a hearing in a canton of Guayas. He luckily he came out unharmed.

This event occurs three days after the murder of prosecutor Édgar Escobar in front of the La Merced Prosecutor’s Office, in downtown Guayaquil. Escobar was shot seven times in the back by two subjects on a motorcycle who were arrested minutes later on Santa Ana Hill. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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