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Construction of the south crossing road system in Guayaquil will begin in the first half of 2024

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The Minister of Transportation and Public Works, Darío Herrera, said that in the first half of 2024 the construction of the southern crossing road system would begin. The announcement was made during an event held in Guayaquil to present the project.

Herrera indicated that this work, which would involve the cantons of Yaguachi, Durán and Guayaquil, would commit some $1,000 million of investment. According to the head of the State portfolio, with information from the Port Authority, the project would help mobilize the cargo that enters and leaves Guayaquil in at least 10.6 million metric tons.

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Darío Herrera, Minister of Transport and Public Works: Among the 17 projects that have been proposed, the president’s priority is the South Viaduct or fifth bridge

The work would consist of two roads that connect into one and then to a bridge that crosses over the Guayas River, they are 41.5 kilometers long. According to the MTOP, it is estimated that the vehicular flow could be between 15,000 and 25,000 per day between light and heavy.

Herrera explained that actions have been taken to structure the project and thus seek financing so that it can be built as soon as possible. In this sense, he said that they are working with different friendly governments and friendly companies, as well as with multilateral banks that are willing to support the project for its crystallization.

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The construction, operation and maintenance will be through public-private investments. “Public debt is not an option at this time for a project of this magnitude,” said Herrera.

Months ago, the Municipality of Guayaquil together with four other municipalities in the province of Guayas pushed the idea of ​​self-construction of the South Viaduct, which has five failed processes by the MTOP.

On this subject, Herrera stressed that this work, due to its vital importance, “will be a work that will be carried out by the national government.” For this reason, he clarified, a series of schemes have been worked on so that now there is a defined north, with products and differentiation strategies that are going to get the project started in 2024.

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Both Herrera and the technical secretary of Public-Private Associations, Roberto Salas, pointed out that this is a project that brings together all sectors. Therefore, the support of the prefecture, mayors and the productive sector is required.

Now, the authorities indicated, the project is structured so that it has the necessary robustness so that this financing arrives and can be crystallized. Herrera mentioned that private initiatives from the past are known and that there is a timeline that dates back to 2009.

The MTOP stressed that the work will improve the mobility of users in the province of Guayas because it will mean savings in travel times, between 45 and 60 minutes, will decongest the traffic of heavy vehicles in Guayaquil and will directly connect cargo transport towards the port. (YO)

Source: Eluniverso

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