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Named five products that will make the stomach flat

Named five products that will make the stomach flat

Named five products that will make the stomach flat

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To tighten the stomach, abdominal exercises alone are not enough. Proper nutrition is necessary, said nutritionist Vasilisa Ponomareva, writes Medikforum.

She named 5 products “for a flat stomach”.

So, arugula and chicory were on the list. According to the doctor, bitter substances stimulate digestion and prevent bloating. By eating these foods, the stomach produces more stomach acid and stimulates the secretion of bile, which is important for burning fat.

The nutritionist also included cucumber, which is 95% water, low in calories, and hydrates the body. A dietitian recommended adding whole grain bread, which is high in fiber, to the diet helps to slowly raise blood sugar levels, which can prevent food cravings.

Another “five” products “for a flat stomach” included cottage cheese, which contains a lot of proteins, and they keep a feeling of satiety longer than carbohydrates. Also, cottage cheese contains a good amount of probiotics, which have a beneficial effect on the gastrointestinal tract.

Finally, walnuts round out the list, containing unsaturated fatty acids that help build muscle and make you feel full. The use of walnuts, however, should be moderate, as they are high in calories. Nuts also improve blood cholesterol levels and intestinal flora, Ponomareva added.

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