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A nutritionist named five popular breakfast foods that make us fat

A nutritionist named five popular breakfast foods that make us fat

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Breakfast is considered to be the most important meal of the day. It is important to eat a hearty meal in the morning so as not to snack until lunch. However, if you make a few common mistakes, then not only will food not be beneficial, but it will also help you gain a couple of extra pounds, according to Dr. Peter.

So, nutritionist Lisa Young told under what conditions healthy foods can lose all their positive effect on the body.

Many people start their day with a cup of hot coffee. The expert advised drinking black coffee without adding sugar, cream or various syrups. According to her, only one drink can have up to 400 kcal, all because of the additives. Such a habit can lead to abdominal obesity, which is extremely unhealthy,” said the nutritionist.

Instead, opt for unsweetened almond or traditional skim milk.

As for oatmeal, rich in nutrients, many people add banana, raisins to oatmeal, pour it with honey or jam. “All of this turns a wholesome cereal into a carb bomb,” Yang said, noting that it all ultimately translates into weight. It is best to eat oatmeal in its pure form, but in extreme cases, you can add an apple, berries or nuts to the porridge.

Fried eggs are also a healthy dish. Eggs help to lose weight and saturate for a long time. If you boil a couple of eggs for breakfast and eat them with vegetables and whole grain bread, then there will be no harm. Another thing is if you decide to fry the eggs in a large amount of oil, adding salt and spices. Many cook scrambled eggs with bacon, which only worsens the situation, because processed foods contribute to the accumulation of fat and swelling.

Croissants are another popular breakfast item. Various fillings can be added to them: cheese, salmon, herbs, chocolate, fruits. In fact, croissants, as well as buns, muffins and any other pastries for breakfast, should be abandoned. Foods like these trigger an insulin spike, and you’ll start to feel hungry pretty quickly. In addition, they are highly processed and contain refined carbohydrates, a lot of added sugar, even if they seem quite unsweetened.

Cereal for breakfast is completely unhealthy, even if the labels “for weight loss”, “fitness” flaunt on the packaging. All cereals are full of added sugar and refined carbohydrates, the expert warned. If you don’t have time to cook oatmeal or any other healthy breakfast in the morning, skip cereal anyway. It’s better to make “lazy oatmeal”: just pour porridge in the evening with water or milk, and then put it in the refrigerator overnight. Everything, a healthy breakfast is ready.

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