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The State Duma did not support bills on deferment from mobilization for scientists and non-servers

The State Duma did not support bills on deferment from mobilization for scientists and non-servers

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The Duma Defense Committee recommended rejecting two bills: on granting a deferment from partial mobilization to candidates and doctors of sciences, as well as those who did not serve in the military. The author of the relevant initiatives, State Duma deputy from the Communist Party Mikhail Matveev, wrote about this in his Telegram channel.

According to the committee’s conclusion, the proposed measures are not consistent with the approach adopted in the Russian legislation on mobilization. According to Kommersant, in January the committee had already rejected the deputy’s initiative.

Matveev explained that in the bills he proceeded from the fact that the decree of the head of state refers to partial mobilization – “that it is partial, and those who have experience in serving in the Armed Forces will be called up first of all.” Under the conditions of a special military operation, the deputy considered it unnecessary to call for candidates and doctors of sciences. He recalled that even before the NWO, Russia had lost about 30,000 specialists with scientific degrees. He expressed fear that Russia could face a crisis in science and education.

“However, it turned out that there is no concept of “partial” mobilization in the law and there will not be, and the Defense Ministry cannot limit itself for the future, and the time of mobilization means “military”. The terminology is not the same,” wrote Matveev.

According to the deputy, the difference in terminology hinders the solution of questions about the conscription of certain citizens. The Defense Committee noted that approaches to partial mobilization at the legislative level cannot differ from approaches to general mobilization, Matveev specified.

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