The date of the new elections in Ecuador will be August 20, 2023. According to this calendar, if there is a second round of the presidential election, it will be on October 15, 2023. The electoral calendar predicts that If there is a second round of the election, the handing in of credentials will be on November 30, 2023 From today until November 30, there are about 180 days, that is, a little more than six months. Will that be enough time to at least lead the country in the most important issues such as education, health, economy, security, justice, among others? Will this be enough time to reduce violent deaths on the country’s streets to zero (0) and reduce the number of extortions, robberies, murders, murders, among other crimes? Will this be enough time for the prison to recover? How much will the employment and economic situation of Ecuadorians improve?

Presidential candidates in Ecuador are looking for alliances or coalitions, figures that are conjunctural and given only for political interests

After the death cross, the President of the Republic issued two decrees, the first relates to tax reform, and the second to free zones. The first decree is actually a correction of the measures adopted so far, which were a harsh punishment for the middle class of Ecuador. However, the question arises whether any of these two regulations is a solution or a fulfillment of campaign promises? As we can see, there are countless questions about the Government’s handling of what is left of its administration, but the real unknowns lie in the country’s future after these last six months of government.

Women’s candidacies

Ecuador claims that this statistic is improving over the next six months…

With a well-known situation of social, political, economic and financial crisis, will the next president of Ecuador be able to reduce the country’s poverty rate in less than two years, while generating enough capital from foreign funds to promote development? production technician and fulfill obligations to multilateral bodies? Will 90 days be enough for the new candidates of the political currents to develop a plan according to the time the country has to get out of the crisis? Will that be enough time for the citizens to analyze the government’s plan or goal in a prudent manner so that they can adequately discern who will govern the country?

Currently, the country’s statistics show the following reality: a) the corresponding employment rate is 32.9%, which means that almost 33 out of every 100 workers in Ecuador have a corresponding job; b) Country risk for Ecuador reached 1,859 points on March 1, 2023, which is the highest since October 13, 2022; c) To date, with 1,356 violent deaths in 2023, the daily average is 17.4 cases. If this average is maintained, the year could end with more than 6,300 criminal offenses and a rate of 34 cases per 100,000 inhabitants.

Ecuador claims that these statistics are improving in the next six months and in less than two years of the new government. (OR)