As the days of this very short election campaign pass, we see that candidates for the President of the Republic continue to appear.

Although the correísmo has not yet shown its winning ticket, it is expected that it will have the support of its loyal hard votes, confirmed by the supreme leader and recently strengthened in the sectional elections. The indigenous movement, it seems, will arrive divided, with an official candidate from the base and leadership, and another who was already very close to the second round in the last election.

With this panorama, it seems clear that the votes of the left or progressivism (whatever you want to call it) will be very fragmented, which would for the time being eliminate the possibility of correísmo winning in one round, as some political pundits predicted.

Women’s candidacies

On the other bank, the one on the right, that is, the so-called “anticorreísmo”, there will also be a division of votes. Jan Topić has already hit the ground running and is slowly making progress, touring the country and conquering space in traditional and digital, domestic and international media. The backbone of his pre-election proposal is the fight against insecurity, in which, according to his personal references, he dominates.

Noboa, father and son, have also announced their candidacy and Maruri, from Jimmy Jairala’s party, has just confirmed that he will run for president. Otto Sonnenholzner, who is still considering his candidacy, could join them. I only have to mention President Las, who, despite the enthusiastic announcements and expectations of his associates, I seriously doubt will seek re-election under the current circumstances. However, as anything is possible in politics, I agree to quote him.

Presidential candidates in Ecuador are looking for alliances or coalitions, figures that are conjunctural and given only for political interests

Therefore, whoever thought that due to the short campaign there would be few candidates or that due to the seriousness of the situation in the country, political forces would gather in a single front to save him, he was mistaken.

And at the end of the day, that is the essence of democracy and the rule of law.

Voters today need concrete solutions for their most serious and urgent problems.

What should be very clear, especially to the candidates, is that the people are SICK of cheap stories, bombastic speeches, promises and more promises, which later, in power, are not fulfilled.

Voters today need concrete solutions for their most serious and urgent problems. Among them, insecurity is by far the most important.

Therefore, whoever succeeds in communicating clearly and to as many voters as possible (especially the new generations, of whom the majority are already on the current voter list) a plan of concrete and real solutions to the insecurity that plagues all Ecuadorians, and who shows the necessary vitality and leadership to implement them, will have one foot enter the second round of elections.

As for the composition of the National Assembly, it is very unlikely that the next president will be able to agglutinate his own majority. So, he must have enough political maturity and pragmatism to consolidate one, in which other political sectors that are willing to push in the only possible direction: for the benefit of Ecuador.

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