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Astrologers have named the zodiac signs that age the earliest

Astrologers have named the zodiac signs that age the earliest

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Astrologers say that the sign of the zodiac under which a person was born affects not only his character and fate, but also the rate of aging. They named three signs, whose representatives age much faster than the others, writes the portal

One of these signs is Libra. Those born under this sign often have a deformation type of aging: with age, their face literally begins to “slide” down, which leads to jowls, puffiness and a second chin. Only proper nutrition, sports and cosmetology can alleviate the situation, and in especially severe cases, plastic surgery will also be needed.

Capricorns age mentally rather than physically. Any stress or grief can take years of their lives and add a few gray hairs, star experts warn.

Born under the sign of Aquarius too much energy is spent on other people. This affects their health: early gray hair, premature wrinkles and internal burnout appear in Aquarius from excessive altruism.

Source: Rosbalt

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