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Zoopsychologist told how to understand that the cat is getting old

Zoopsychologist told how to understand that the cat is getting old

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Some cats show signs of aging as early as seven years old, while others show no signs of fading even at 10, animal psychologist Oksana Mosina told Kuban News. According to her, from 11 to 14 years old, cats are considered elderly, and after 15 years they have advanced age.

The specialist called the signs of old age in an animal, which indicate that the pet may need the help of a veterinarian or a change in living conditions.

The first of these is an increase in sleep time. Cats always sleep more than humans, but as they get older, they can generally begin to do this almost constantly. Or vice versa – pets lose sleep and begin to show more activity, especially at night: this can also be an age-related change.

Another sign is a slow response. If an older cat does not immediately find its bowl or bed, this may be the beginning of cognitive changes.

They also have trouble jumping. If the animal no longer jumps on cabinets or shelves that it used to travel easily, it may have developed joint disease.

Pay attention to changes in behavior. A sociable animal becomes withdrawn, neat – suddenly goes to the toilet in the wrong place. This can be a symptom of both a mental disorder and kidney problems, and you need to contact your veterinarian.

Finally, the condition of the coat can tell about the onset of old age. The pet becomes less strong, he takes less care of himself. The coat becomes dull and greasy as a result.

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