It is not rare that, about events and tragedies, versions that spread and immediately appear, are induced or directed so that the truth is not investigated.

There are cases of Antonio José de Sucre, June 1830, and Jaime and Martha, May 1981.

The crime of Sucre on June 4, 1830 in Berruecos was attributed to the perpetrator José Erazo and three of his “pawns”, who died without judgment. Then the person who transmitted the order, Colonel Apolinar Morillo, who was shot dead in 1842, was accused. Morillo admitted that he had received the order from General José María Obando. Obando would arrange Sucre’s death with Juan José Flores so that he would not return to Quito on the way where he was killed, before the installation of the First Constituent Assembly of Ecuador,

August 14, 1830, which was called by Flores in May of that year. Sucre, like Simón Bolívar, was passionate about Greater Colombia. Bolívar died on December 17, 1830. The phrase “I am an eagle in the sea…” sums up his state of mind.

In the case of Jaime and Martha, after the aggression against Peru, January-February 1981, the crisis factors worsened, regionally and internally. In Santa Fe Letter 1 (1980), produced by the regional far right, with links to the Reagan candidacy at the time. The governments of Roldós and Torrijos were condemned. A few days before May 24, President Roldós formulated warnings at a reserved session of the National Security Council and requested reports for Monday, May 25. The plane tragedy that killed Jaime and Martha happened on May 24. On Tuesday, June 2, nine days after the tragedy, the text of the report of the JIA – FAE Accident Investigation Board – was circulated, prepared without taking into account the technical forecasts that should have been taken into account – and with a complete omission of legal and ethical provisions. about disassembling parts of the plane or removing them from the site, or changing the scene where the remains of the plane were located. One might naively think that JIA is only technical, but even that has not been effectively achieved. A report has been drawn up.

The plane tragedy that killed Omar Torrijos happened on July 31, 1981, two months and a week after Jaime and Martha’s.

The late work, in the commission that formed the National Chamber of Deputies, in whose conclusions it presents only hypotheses and includes data from the police of Zurich, Switzerland, based on its work between June 15 and July 9, 1982, more than a year after the tragedy, after multiple alteration of what could be evidence, information with important refutations of what was submitted as a report by the JIA in 1981. In moments of occultism, it was said that this was “to avoid controversy and uneasiness in the country.” Then I said: “(…) democracy and all institutions of political value must be maintained and strengthened in the truth.” I suggest you review the post Searching for immediate cause (

The plane tragedy that killed Omar Torrijos happened on July 31, 1981, two months and a week after Jaime and Martha’s. (OR)