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The story of Tom Leppard the “Leopard Man” who had 99.9% of his body tattooed and lived his last years in isolation

He lived as a military man for more than 3 decades and one day he decided to change his life completely, escaping from the world to a lonely island.

Tom Leppard, also known as the leopard man, who with his feline tattoos won all kinds of titles and recognition, died in his 80s after having obtained the Guinness record for being ‘the most tattooed man in the world’ since 99% of her skin was covered in tattoos.

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He was born in Woodbridge, UK on October 14, 1935. His real name was Tom Wooldridge and he lived in the British military for almost 30 years. After his retirement, he spent almost 7 thousand dollars to cover most of his body with leopard spots, and so he moved to a remote corner of the isla Skye, in Scotland, where it lived without light for two decades, thus making it a kind of ‘tourist attraction’.

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Leppard he was not an easy man to locate, despite having been completely covered in tattoos and being easily recognizable for that characteristic. International media suspect that having been so long attached to the rules and the lead a strict lifestyle in the military led him to make such momentous decisions.

I am not interested in contact with society. I don’t even have a cell phone. The truth is that I am not worried about what happens around me, I just want to live my life in tranquility. – The Guardian, 2008

By chance one day he came across an advertising poster with the image of a leopard. That moment would change his life. But more changes were coming. He lived as a hermit on a remote island where He did not have a telephone, he bathed and drank water from a nearby river, and traveled by kayak to look for food once a week.

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The only parts of his body that were not tattooed were the inside of your ears and the skin between your toes. Although anyone would think that he had some kind of fascination with felines, it was not true either. Tom just wanted to excel at something and earn money from it. He chose these types of tattoos because looking like a leopard was the easiest thing for the tattoo artist.

His way of looking helped him finance his life on the isolated island where he decided to live. It was an easy way to earn income. “He would earn an income for being the most tattooed man in the world, and he would be photographed for the Guinness Book of Records, or featured on television.”Leppard told the British media.

“He had a spare denture, shaped like fangs, that he had put in the publicity photos. But it was a necessary evil to supplement my income support, or lately my pension. It’s not something I enjoyed. “

Not just his tattoos, the subject had a design of saffron yellow color that covered her body and several dark spots that pretended to be the fur of a feline.

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“In the UK people have been brainwashed thinking that a tattooed person is just a criminal and that’s it. My tattoos have not changed me but they have changed the view that people have of me, ”said Tom.

Years later he decided to move to a town in Broadford to have more comfort due to his advanced age. Then he moved to a nursing home in the city of Inverness, where he died on June 12, 2016. (I)

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