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Military and two civilians are called to trial for theft of FAE rifles

One of the rifles was found after a bullet crossing between criminals and the police on July 28 in Manta.


An active duty soldier and two civilians were brought to trial as direct perpetrators for the alleged theft of rifles, reported last July.

Andrés Torres, Judge of Criminal Guarantees of Jipijapa, accepted the request of the Prosecutor’s Office to continue the trial stage against Michael AB, 27 years old (military on active duty); Cristina VA, 22; and Holger VA, 25.

The theft was denounced by the Command of the Ecuadorian Air Force (FAE), on July 11, when it became known about the theft of two M4-A2 rifles, two feeders, forty 5.56-caliber ammunition and personal belongings of the custodians. of the war material that was kept guarding public property on the El Anegado hill in Jipijapa.

Military among detainees for alleged participation in the theft of two FAE rifles; one of the weapons was found in operation in Manta, last week

One of the weapons stolen in Jipijapa was recovered the previous July 28 after the police detained five Venezuelans, who were captured in a bullet crossing that took place in the El Porvenir sector, in Manta. During the confrontation, a girl was injured by the broken glass of a car that was affected by the impact of a projectile. After that episode two other rifles were recovered, of unknown origin.

On August 5, raids were carried out in Montecristi and Manta, which led to the arrest of the three defendants.

In these interventions, the motorcycles in which they had committed the crime, helmets and cell phones, sweaters, backpack, knife, shoes and clothing that they were wearing on the day of the robbery were also collected as evidence.

In a statement, the State Attorney General’s Office indicated that Michael AB (military on active duty), Cristina VA and Holger VA are prosecuted for the crime of robbery, typified in article 189 of the Comprehensive Organic Criminal Code (COIP). (I)

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